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The Jacksons - Art Of Madness (1989)
The Jacksons
Art Of Madness
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Michael Jackson - Off The Wall / Thriller (2004)
Michael Jackson
Off The Wall / Thriller
SMM 5175549
Other - 25 Jaar Pop Muziek 1983 (1988)
Various Artists
25 Jaar Pop Muziek 1983
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Diana Ross started singing in a trio as a teenager, and in 1960 she and her two partners were signed to Motown Records as The Supremes. The group had 12 number one hits (1964-70), including "Baby Love" and "Stop! In the Name of Love," and were one of the most successful pop acts of the decade. Ross emerged as a solo artist in the '70s with hits such as "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and "Touch Me in the Morning," and received an Oscar nomination for her performance as Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues (1972). During the '80s she stayed on the charts and continued to tour, performing hits including "Endless Love," "Upside Down" and "Chain Reaction."

At the age of fourteen Paul McCartney wrote his first song, a reflective lament called "I Lost My Little Girl." Eight years later he returned to the same rueful theme when he found the words for probably his most-noted song, "Yesterday."
First with and then without John Lennon, McCartney wrote some of the best-known lyrics of the twentieth century, including "A Day in the Life," "Hey Jude," "Let It Be," "Eleanor Rigby," and "For No One." His last recorded words with the Beatles, "and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make," epitomize his pride that the songs of the Beatles affirmed the positive spirit of the times.

If you think of Stevie Wonder solely as the purveyor of sentimental mush like Ebony & Ivory and I Just Called To Say I Love You then please stop! Wonder is nothing short of a musical genius. He was a child prodigy who changed his name from Steveland Morris to little Stevie Wonder when he was 11-years-old and completely justified the hype the name implied. Punters soon realised that the blind kid in the sunglasses played a mean harmonica and keyboards. By the age of 12 he'd scored his first No.1 hit with Fingertips-Part 2. Without Stevie there'd be no Prince or Michael Jackson.



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