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The Wiz


Michael Jackson - Off The Wall / Thriller (2004)
Michael Jackson
Off The Wall / Thriller
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25 Jaar Pop Muziek 1983
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Michael Jackson - One Day In Your Life

01. One Day In Your Life
02. Don't Say Goodbye Again
03. You're My Best Friend My Love
04. Take Me Back
05. We've Got Forever
06. It's Too Late To Change The Time
07. You Are There
08. Dear Michael
09. I'll Come Home To You
10. Make Tonight All Mine

One Day in Your Life, though not an official solo release, was issued as a "lost" solo album from Michael Jackson upon its release by Motown Records in 1981. Some called the album a "studio" release, while others call it a compilation of Jackson's mid-1970s recordings when he was between the ages of 15 and 17. In fact, some of the songs were taken from Jackson 5 releases to pad the album's running time. Motown later admitted that the album was a quick cash boost generating from the success of Jackson's Off the Wall album. The title track became a worldwide hit, especially in the United Kingdom.

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